Friday, May 22, 2009

Swine Flu Arggggggg…

I have had it up to about here with this Swine Flu, or H1N1 as we should be calling it. Don’t get me wrong, yes people have died from it, and yes, it is potentially dangerous. I was very concerned in the beginning, but as we know more about it, and there are more facts coming out, I feel better. As of this morning, the mortality rate Internationally is 86/11,168 or .77 %, which is less than 1%. In the U.S. it is 10/6552 or .1526% which is 1/100th of a percent.

But… the people who are still freaking out about it are driving me nuts! I actually had someone close to me tell me that the CDC only lifted their travel ban for political reasons. Can you believe it?? I do not for one second believe that the CDC or WHO would actually do or say something that would potentially put thousands of peoples lives at risk just for political reasons… Thousands of people die every year from regular run of the mill influenza better known as the Flu. I am not going to avoid work because a normal flu bug is going around. I am not going to avoid schools, malls, restaurants, and post offices because people get shot there. I am not going to avoid visiting friends/family in the hospital because of MRSA. I am not going to stay home on a Friday or Saturday night because of drunk drivers.

Most importantly, I sure as hell am not going to miss having the time of my life with my husband and two older sons on a little cruise to Cozumel because of Swine Flu, especially after both the CDC and WHO have officially removed their recommendation that U.S. travelers avoid travel to Mexico. I’ve done my research, there has been no confirmed cases on Cozumel, which is a 45 minute ferry ride from the main land of Mexico. Cases in Mexico have slowed down due to the aggressive efforts of world medical personal. And the cruise is still over 2 months away, I have plenty of time to cancel should the situation change.

So right now I am just dreaming of basking in the sun on the Lido deck with my little fruity umbrella drink delivered by Swen, waiting for the lunch buffet to begin.

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